Tom Bergeron talks Meditation
Dancing with the Stars host, Tom Bergeron, shared with Dan Harris that Transcendental Meditation helped his anger management issues and helps him roll with any situation that may happen on live TV. The interview was aired on the podcast 10% Happier.
John Legend Pranked This Mom at Yoga
In a commercial for Capri Sun, John Legend helped two kids prank their mom during a hilarious yoga class. The two kids spoke to Legend via a hidden earpiece so he could follow all their instructions.
Bishnu Charan Ghosh
Bishnu Charan Ghosh will be commemorated in Japan with the release of four postage stamps bearing his image and those of his family who were also instrumental in spreading Hatha yoga in the country.
Downward Dog for Dogs

Yoga For Animals – Do Your Downward Dog for Dogs At Cape Town Event

Yoga and animal lovers in Cape Town, South Africa can combine their two passions at the fourth Downward Dog for Dogs: Reboot to benefit two local animal shelters. Donations of cash or kind will be accepted for the yoga class.
K-pop Kang Daniel with Wanna One do Beer Yoga

K-pop Star Kang Daniel Tries Beer Yoga with Wanna One Members

Kang Daniel, took some of his fellow K-pop band members from Wanna One to a Beer Yoga session where they did various yoga asana with a mug of beer (and water!)
History and Politics of Yoga course at Nalanda University

Nalanda University Halts Course on History and Politics of Yoga

The axing of the the History and Politics of Yoga course at Nalanda University has been controversial. Some are saying that yoga is for everyone and should not be mixed with politics. But supports of say that the Modi government is already mixing yoga with politics.
Sahaja Online Meditation Workshop

Free 4-Week Guided Meditation Workshop From Sahaja Online

Sahaja Online, a website offering guided meditation online, has launched a free four week online guided meditation workshop. Anyone can visit the website to attend the weekend workshop during the month of September.
Underwater YOGA_Dubai Aquarium

Underwater Yoga in The Tunnel At The Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo will host four Underwater Yoga classes in The Tunnel every Saturday over the month of September.


Yoga for runners
Yoga helps marathon runners improve their performance and time, and longevity in the sport by filling in the gaps where typical training for runners may fall short.
Benefits of yoga for boxing
Yoga and boxing are more closely related than people believe. Gain more strength, flexibility, and balance as a boxer with the help of yoga.
Headspace Chief Business Officer Ross Hoffman
Ross Hoffman will be helming the position of Chief Business Officer for Headspace. The meditation app has taken the world by storm and Hoffman himself is a regular user.
Vivo Barefoot and Bloom Foam create shoes that clean the ocean.

These Shoes Made of Algae Help Clean The Oceans

Vivo Barefoot and Bloom Foam collaborated to create the amphibious Ultra III shoe. Made out of harvested algae, they clean waterways by clearing out harmful algae blooms that kill marine wildlife.
Coworking space for women at The Riveter

Coworking Space Supports Women Entrepreneurs with Yoga and Self Care

The Riveter is a women-only coworking space in Seattle, USA that was designed to be an environment where women could thrive in business. The space includes two meditation rooms and yoga rooms where women can focus on self-care as well as work.
NadiX Yoga Pants

NadiX Yoga Pants Give Feedback to Help Your Asana Alignment

NadiX yoga pants are the world's first machine learning yoga pants that can help aid in asana alignment. They were created and designed by Billie Whitehouse for Wearable X.
Bali United players show inter-faith unity

Yoga Means To Unite: Interfaith Bali United Soccer Players Show Solidarity

Bali United's interfaith soccer team showed the world that they can work together towards a common goal. Three players used various postures of prayer to celebrate the team's victory.
Yoga and Body Building Twins share how exercise helped their depression

Kilt Yoga Guy and Twin Share How Yoga and Body Building Helped With Depression

Finlay Wilson and twin brother Alastair Wilson share how yoga and body building respectively helped them battle depression. They said that movement arts gave them motivation, focus, and the balance they needed.