Self-Employment Course
Blind Entrepreneurs with Inspiring Vision working with organisations to create a more inclusive environment and customer/employee experience for people with disabilities.
Goat Yoga Zoning Violation
The Town of Manchester has issued a cease and desist letter to Aussakita Acres Farm to halt Goat Yoga on the farm. According to the order, yoga is a zoning violation because it is not a proper farm activity.
Yoga for healthcare instead of pills and medication
The NHS has a rich history of continually evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of modern society, and yoga is increasingly being viewed as part of the solution for the provision of modern healthcare.
Katy Perry Hosts MTV Video Music Awards 2017

Meditation Advocate Katy Perry Announced As Host of MTV Video Music Awards

MTV announced that global pop superstar Katy Perry will host the 2017 “MTV Video Music Awards”, via Perry’s Twitter account. Perry is an advocate for daily meditation and yoga.
Russell Simmons owner of Tantris Yoga

Russell Simmons to Receive Award from the Environmental Media Association

Russell Simmons, will be honored by the Environmental Media Association as a musician who has demonstrated decades of leadership and dedication towards creating a more sustainable planet. The event on Sept. 23 will be hosted by Jaden Smith.
Michael Stone overdose death

Michael Stone Overdose Death Brings Mental Health Issues Into Light

Michael Stone was reportedly seeking help for bi-polar disorder when he died. His family said he was growing desperate for more treatment for his mental health in addition to meditation and yoga.
Paddleboard yoga

Surftech Colab With BLOOM for Sustainable Paddleboards

Surftech and BLOOM have announced a collaboration to produce paddleboards made out of algae blooms that harm waterways. Practice paddleboard yoga and help clean the o
Yoga and Coffee unite in Albuquerque cafe

Yoga and Coffee Unite in Albuquerque Mom and Pop Shop

Helix Coffee and Yoga aims to unite the best of both worlds with an Albuquerque mom and pop shop where locals can find a sense of community. Helix offers daily yoga classes and hot coffee for every body.


Benefits of yoga for boxing
Yoga and boxing are more closely related than people believe. Gain more strength, flexibility, and balance as a boxer with the help of yoga.
Headspace Chief Business Officer Ross Hoffman
Ross Hoffman will be helming the position of Chief Business Officer for Headspace. The meditation app has taken the world by storm and Hoffman himself is a regular user.
Vivo Barefoot and Bloom Foam create shoes that clean the ocean.
Vivo Barefoot and Bloom Foam collaborated to create the amphibious Ultra III shoe. Made out of harvested algae, they clean waterways by clearing out harmful algae blooms that kill marine wildlife.
Coworking space for women at The Riveter

Coworking Space Supports Women Entrepreneurs with Yoga and Self Care

The Riveter is a women-only coworking space in Seattle, USA that was designed to be an environment where women could thrive in business. The space includes two meditation rooms and yoga rooms where women can focus on self-care as well as work.
NadiX Yoga Pants

NadiX Yoga Pants Give Feedback to Help Your Asana Alignment

NadiX yoga pants are the world's first machine learning yoga pants that can help aid in asana alignment. They were created and designed by Billie Whitehouse for Wearable X.
Bali United players show inter-faith unity

Yoga Means To Unite: Interfaith Bali United Soccer Players Show Solidarity

Bali United's interfaith soccer team showed the world that they can work together towards a common goal. Three players used various postures of prayer to celebrate the team's victory.
Yoga and Body Building Twins share how exercise helped their depression

Kilt Yoga Guy and Twin Share How Yoga and Body Building Helped With Depression

Finlay Wilson and twin brother Alastair Wilson share how yoga and body building respectively helped them battle depression. They said that movement arts gave them motivation, focus, and the balance they needed.

Teacher Feature: Ria on Being A Body Positive Filipina

Ria Tirazona shares what it's like being a plus sized yoga teacher in the Philippines. In this exclusive feature, she shares how her personal yoga journey helped her find the confidence and the voice to become a Body Positive role model for other Filipinas.