Those in Washington who want to make taking a mid-day break from the coprporate grind part of their New Year’s Resolutions can find a comfortable, relaxing, space at Recharj in Downtown DC. The boutique offers comfortable napping pods, bean bags, floor mats, and teas picked to aid in relaxation.

The store was the brain child of Daniel Turissini who felt there was a lack of quiet spaces where executives like him could get some peace and quiet for a few minutes during the day. He had previously tried unwinding in various hotel lobbies, but found they could not give him the recharge he needed.

Recognizing the importance and need for people to take relaxing breaks from the stress of work, he opened Recharj in mid-December 2016 to be a relaxing and serence getaway from right in the middle of the city.

“We built it for the business professional who’s overworked, overstressed, and needs that break. We wanted to build a natural oasis away from the steel and the concrete and the cement that you see outside, so everything is controlled to kind of optimize the experience in terms of our senses,” he told the Washingtonian.

According to Turissini, spaces like Recharj will help put the spotlight on meditation and its importance in health and well-being. While most people already recognize the importance of a daily exercise program to stay fit, he said that taking a daily quiet break from all the sesonry input that a big city and corporate life gives is also valuable.

A mid-day break from work at Recharj starts at $25 for a 15-minute power nap for drop-ins. They also offer Wellness classes and 35-minute meditation classes at $69 for five sessions.


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