JP Sears Yoga Parodies

Yoga parodies can help remind yoga practitioners to take a step back and have a good laugh at some of the unconventional mannerisms and habits one begins to acquire when they get deeper into yoga. It can definitely be intimidating and weird for those on the outside looking in!

Here are five yoga parodies that highlight exactly what yoga beginners and those who don’t do yoga think of this niche. And they’re perfect for yoga teachers and students to remember that yoga should be fun as well as spiritual and healthy.

Elvis – Yoga is As Yoga Does

In 1967, yoga was far from the mainstream popularity it has reached today. But newcomers to a yoga class even in modern times may still feel as tied up and confused as none other than the King, Elvis Presley, himself as shown in this Yoga Is As Yoga Does” musical number from the movie Easy Come, Easy Go.

My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Look At Me, I’m So Good at Yoga

In this age of the yoga selfie and celebrity yoga teacher, its easy to see why Rebecca felt like her ex’s new yoga teacher girlfriend wasn’t so much teaching a yoga class but mocking her with her flexibility and beauty while doing advance asana.

JP Sears – Ultra Spiritual Yoga Parodies

JP Sears is the Spiritual guru for the millenial generation and the master of yoga parodies. He shameslessly shows how his Instagram account helps him be more connected to the universe by taking yoga selfies on the beach at sunset, and how Acroyoga is the 10 year ancient yoga style that embodies the practice of attention seeking.

College Humor – Ghandi Does Yoga

Millions look at Ghandi’s life as a model of non-violent protest. What would happen if he stepped into a Western yoga class today?

JoseAna – I’m More Spiritual Than You

Ana Forrest has been teaching Forrest yoga for over 40 years and has seen her share of spiritual bullies. This song, written by Jose Calarco, is a tongue in cheek response to all those who come back from a yoga retreat and feel like they’ve suddenly become too spiritual for mere mortals.

What do you think of these yoga parodies? Do you have a favorite funny yoga video? Share it in the comments!


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