Tom Bergeron talks Meditation

Dancing With The Stars Host Tom Bergeron On How Meditation And Anger Issues

Dancing with the Stars host, Tom Bergeron, shared with Dan Harris that Transcendental Meditation helped his anger management issues and helps him roll with any situation that may happen on live TV. The interview was aired on the podcast 10% Happier.
John Legend Pranked This Mom at Yoga

John Legend Pranks Unsuspecting Mom At Yoga Class

In a commercial for Capri Sun, John Legend helped two kids prank their mom during a hilarious yoga class. The two kids spoke to Legend via a hidden earpiece so he could follow all their instructions.
K-pop Kang Daniel with Wanna One do Beer Yoga

K-pop Star Kang Daniel Tries Beer Yoga with Wanna One Members

Kang Daniel, took some of his fellow K-pop band members from Wanna One to a Beer Yoga session where they did various yoga asana with a mug of beer (and water!)
Marilyn Monroe does yoga

Five Hollywood Stars From the 50s and 60s Who Did Yoga

Before it was the hottest fitness and health craze around, these five Hollywood celebrities from the 1950's and 60's practiced yoga and yoga-like exercises.
LeAnn Rimes on meditation

LeAnn Rimes on Meditation to Have a Happier Outlook on Life

LeAnn Rimes shared how starting a daily meditation practice helped her have a better relationship with herself, her husband, and her blended family.
Lance Bass takes his dogs to yoga

Lance Bass Loves Yoga with his Puppies

Lance Bass took his dogs, Chip and Dale, to a yoga class to promote healthy living for pets which includes proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.
Katy Perry Hosts MTV Video Music Awards 2017

Meditation Advocate Katy Perry Announced As Host of MTV Video Music Awards

MTV announced that global pop superstar Katy Perry will host the 2017 “MTV Video Music Awards”, via Perry’s Twitter account. Perry is an advocate for daily meditation and yoga.
Russell Simmons owner of Tantris Yoga

Russell Simmons to Receive Award from the Environmental Media Association

Russell Simmons, will be honored by the Environmental Media Association as a musician who has demonstrated decades of leadership and dedication towards creating a more sustainable planet. The event on Sept. 23 will be hosted by Jaden Smith.
Rowan Blanchard, feminist and Instagram Activist.

Rowan Blanchard and Wilmer Valderrama to Recieve Philanthropic Honors At Empathy Rocks

Rowan Blanchard and Wilmer Valderrama will be recognized for their Philantropic work at the 9th Annual Empathy Rocks Awards by Children Mending Hearts. The honors recognize young humanitarians who believe in empathy and equality, pursue causes of social justice.
Rachel Platten Fight Song Singer/Song Writer

Rachel Platten To Recieve First Gracies Impact Award

Fight Song singer, Rachel Platten, will recieve the inaugural Gracies Impact Award. The Award recognizes musical artists who have made positive changes in society.