Book Shows Roots of Yoga Not Just In Vedas – Links to Buddhism and...

Authors Mark Singleton and James Mallinson show in the book, Roots of Yoga, that the origins of yoga are more broad than in Vedic traditions. The book shows how yoga was always an all-encompassing practice with roots in Buddhism, Jainism, and even Sufism.

Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks To Publish Findings On Ancient Origin Of Surya Namaskar

Sanskrit scholar and yoga teacher Christopher Tompkins aims to reveal the 1000 year evolution of Asana based yoga. His Indiegogo campaign will help him publish two books on the subject

Body-Positive Yoga Teacher Jessamyn Stanley To Publish Yoga Book

Body-positive, "fat yoga" teacher, Jessamyn Stanley, will publish a book for yoga beginners no matter what shape or size. 'Every Body Yoga' will be released in 2017