Integrating Mindfulness at your office job

Keep Calm – 5 Tips How You Can Integrate Mindfulness In Your Office Job

Guest author Kosta Miachin shares his five tips on how to integrate mindfulness practices everyday at your desk office job. If you integrate these five mindfulness tips into your work routine, you will see some great improvement of both your wellbeing and the quality of your work.
how to clean your yoga mat

Yoga Mat Germs: How to Clean Your Yoga Mat Properly

Proper care for yoga mat and good hygiene practices are all-important to keeping yourself germ-free during yoga so you can focus on your asana and OM in peace. Here are ten tips to clean your yoga mat properly.
Marilyn Monroe does yoga

Five Hollywood Stars From the 50s and 60s Who Did Yoga

Before it was the hottest fitness and health craze around, these five Hollywood celebrities from the 1950's and 60's practiced yoga and yoga-like exercises.
Surya Namaskar on Solar Eclipse

In Pictures: How Yogis Celebrated the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Photos of how yogis commemorated the once-in-a-lifetime Total Solar Eclipse of North America 2017.
JP Sears Yoga Parodies

5 Times Yoga Parodies Absolutely Nailed It

Even though yoga has become mainstream, some still don't understand its popularity. These five yoga parodies show exactly how others see the yoga world in hilarious tongue-in-cheek ways.
Microplastic in Yoga Pants adds to Ocean Pollution

Are Your Yoga Pants Polluting the Oceans? Here’s How You can Help

Florida researchers have discovered a new type of plastic pollutant has become dominant. Where does it come from? Yoga pants.

Emma Watson is A Certified Yoga Teacher And 10 Other Things About The Newest...

Emma Watson stars as Belle in the live adaptation of Beauty and The Beast opening this month. Did you know that behind the camera, Watson is a certified yoga and meditation teacher?

10 Yoga Teachers Who Inspired Us In 2016

These 10 yoga teachers inspired us to move and get on our mats in 2016. Meet the teachers we fell in love with last year.

10 Yoga Class Trends That We Loved In 2016

From outdoor yoga, to yoga with farm animals, and even yoga with pop music. These creative yoga class trends had everyone OM-ing in 2016.

5 Celebrities Who Beat Holiday Binging With Yoga

These five celebrities know that that best way to keep away from Christmas food is to do yoga. Check out how they beat holiday binge eating with a regular yoga practice.