Yoga for healthcare instead of pills and medication

Why The UK Is Integrating Yoga into Modern Healthcare

The NHS has a rich history of continually evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of modern society, and yoga is increasingly being viewed as part of the solution for the provision of modern healthcare.
Goat Yoga is here to stay

Goat Yoga and The Connection of Humans with Goats and the Divine

Goat Yoga is a trendy, novelty class for now, but it's one that has been thousands of years in the making. Goats and human have co-existed for thousands of years.
Benefits of yoga for boxing

Yoga for Boxers: A Match Made in Gym Heaven

Yoga and boxing are more closely related than people believe. Gain more strength, flexibility, and balance as a boxer with the help of yoga.
Yoga for stress in a modern world

The Evolution of Stress: Yoga For Stress in A Modern World

Humans evolved with stress to survive but in this modern world stress can do more harm than good. How yoga for stress can relieve the negative effects.

It’s Not About The Pants: Why Hundreds Of Women Protested This Man’s Disdain For...

300 protesters gathered in front of the home of a man who did not want to see women wearing yoga pants in public. The Peaceful Yoga Pants Parade was organized as a respose to women tired of being told what they can and cannot wear.

The New Yorker Cartoon On US Presidential Debate Reminds Us To Meditate

An editorial cartoon of Hillary Clinton by The New Yorker reminds us to meditate and live mindfully even during the US Presidential Debate.

Why This Essay On Women Wearing Yoga Pants At Work Is Completely Off Base

In an essay posted on LinkedIn about the appropriateness of wearing yoga pants to work, this business developer and blogger tried to mansplain what women should and should not wear to be respected - which did not go over well with readers.