Yoga and Body Building Twins share how exercise helped their depression

Kilt Yoga Guy and Twin Share How Yoga and Body Building Helped With Depression

Finlay Wilson and twin brother Alastair Wilson share how yoga and body building respectively helped them battle depression. They said that movement arts gave them motivation, focus, and the balance they needed.

Teacher Feature: Ria on Being A Body Positive Filipina

Ria Tirazona shares what it's like being a plus sized yoga teacher in the Philippines. In this exclusive feature, she shares how her personal yoga journey helped her find the confidence and the voice to become a Body Positive role model for other Filipinas.

Why This Instagram Yogini Embraced and Celebrated Her Period In White Yoga Pants

Stephanie Góngora allowed her period blood to flow through her white yoga pants and uploaded the video to Instagram. She knew it would be a provocative image but one that must be shared.

Practice Unconditional Love And Be Free From Consumerism (And Clothes) at Rainbow Gatherings

Rainbow gatherings have been coming together since 1972. The community feels free to express themselves in nature via yoga, art, music, and unconditional love - clothing optional.

Introducing Jessica Parsons: The World’s First Yoga Teacher With Down’s Syndrome

Jessica Parsons is not your ordinary yoga teacher. This 23-year old from California, USA is the world's first certified yoga teacher with Down's Syndrom.

Watch Jessamyn Stanley Teach Barbie Ferreira About Yoga

Barbie Ferreira got her first yoga lesson from fellow body positive advocate, yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley. The two plus-sized role models did yoga as they dispelled myths about being curvy.

Yoga Is For Every Body – Even Dad Bods

Although the yoga world is dominated by women, yoga for men is on the rise. Broga classes are popping up to meet men's desires to practice yoga with a more vigorous and strength-focused approach.

Feel Fit And Fabulous At Fat Yoga

Fat Yoga has busted down the stereotypes of what a yogi looks like with the message that yoga should be enjoyed by all.

Meet The Yogini Mom Who Breastfeeds While On The Mat

Carlee Benear posts startling pictures of herself breastfeeding in advanced Yoga postures.