Headspace Chief Business Officer Ross Hoffman

Ross Hoffman is Headspace First Chief Business Officer

Ross Hoffman will be helming the position of Chief Business Officer for Headspace. The meditation app has taken the world by storm and Hoffman himself is a regular user.
Coworking space for women at The Riveter

Coworking Space Supports Women Entrepreneurs with Yoga and Self Care

The Riveter is a women-only coworking space in Seattle, USA that was designed to be an environment where women could thrive in business. The space includes two meditation rooms and yoga rooms where women can focus on self-care as well as work.

Bridgewater Associates Hedge Fund Founder Reimburses Half The Cost Of Meditation Courses For Employees

Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates LP, looks out for his employees with a culture of radical transparency and footing the bill for Transcendental Meditation lessons. The seated meditation has been gaining popularity in many businesses.

Thai Banker Says Meditation Gives Him Stability In Volatile Market

Veerathai Santiprabhob kept Thailand's economy stable ever since he took office. He says meditation and Buddhism help keep him stable and show him the way to moderation and balance.

Health And Beauty Products Endorsed By Indian Gurus Taking Over The Market

As consumers get more health conscious, Ayurveda-based products are gaining popularity. In India, big brand names have begun to worry.

Transcendental Meditation Quietly Making Meditators Of Wall Street Giants

Wall Street brokers and hedge fund manager have taken to Transcendental Meditation to help them with the stress of working on the Stock Exchange floor. Many big names on Wall Street advocate TM to their employees.

Boardroom At AOL Canada Headquarters Doubles As Yoga Room

AOL Canada Headquarters in Downtown Toronto features an open concept and a convertible boardroom that doubles as a yoga studio. The office provides many spaces for comfort, relaxation, and meditation during the work day.

Salesforce Employees Can Now Clear Their Heads In London Office Mindfulness Room

Salesforce is a US cloud-computing company that just opened a meditation and mindfulness room at its UK headquarters. The space over looks the London cityscape with the...