Yoga for runners

How Yoga for Runners Can Help With Marathons

Yoga helps marathon runners improve their performance and time, and longevity in the sport by filling in the gaps where typical training for runners may fall short.
Benefits of yoga for boxing

Yoga for Boxers: A Match Made in Gym Heaven

Yoga and boxing are more closely related than people believe. Gain more strength, flexibility, and balance as a boxer with the help of yoga.
Bali United players show inter-faith unity

Yoga Means To Unite: Interfaith Bali United Soccer Players Show Solidarity

Bali United's interfaith soccer team showed the world that they can work together towards a common goal. Three players used various postures of prayer to celebrate the team's victory.

Former NFL Player Larry Atkin’s Son Is An In-Demand 11-Year Old Yoga Teacher

11-year old Tabay Atkins, son of former NHL player Larry Atkins, is the youngest certified yoga teacher in the USA. Atkins teaches donation-based classes to help families with cancer.

Mike Adams Uses Yoga To Save Football Career And Aging Body

Mike Adams thought his career in the NHL was over. But after signing up for regular yoga classes, he is able to extend his career in American Football.

Sports Ministry In India Reverses Previous Declaration – Says Yoga Not A Sport

Yoga has been derecognized as a sport in India. The decision was made by the Sports Ministry 14 months after previously categorizing yoga as a priority sport.

Top Indian Badminton Player Recommends Yoga Early In Careers

National badminton player, Yuva Dayalan, shared with young aspiring badminton players that they should take up yoga to improve their performance. Yoga, he says, not only helps with recovery but helps them develop speed, stamina, and balance that is crucial in badminton.

New York Knicks Latest Basketball Team To Adopt Post-Training Yoga

The New York Knicks are the latest basketball team to embrace yoga as part of their post-practice training. Yoga has helped athletes recover from injury more quickly and keep their muscles loose and in form during off-season.

Fire And Ice: Washington Capitals Hockey Players Doing Hot Yoga For Off-Season Training

Hockey players are beginning to see the benefits of yoga as part of training. Players for the Washington Capitals are incorporating Hot Yoga into their off-season training.

Miami Dolphins Do Yoga To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer

The Miami Dolphins held a special event on Oct. 4 to do yoga and help raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Yoga is gaining recognition from oncologists as a beneficial exercise for cancer patients.