Cat Yoga Helps Find Homes For Kitties Needing Families

The newest yoga trend is helping cats find forever homes. Animal shelters are putting their paws in the trending cat yoga classes.

Not All Yoga Is For Everybody: How To Choose The Style That’s Appropriate For...

The variety of yoga classes can be overwhelming as a beginning practitioner. No matter what your body type, age, or yoga experience, there is a yoga class out there for you.

Researchers Say Yoga Is Safe – But Must Be Done Mindfully

A new study found that the incidence of yoga-related injuries is relatively low. But care should be taken when practicing yoga to avoid injury, especially for those aged 65 years and older.

Yoga And Meditation Classes To Help Police Officers Cope With Trauma And Stress

Cops deal with a lot of trauma and stress when on duty. Yoga and meditation techniques have been helping them cope and relax after long emotional shifts.

Harvard Study Says You Don’t Need A Vacation – You Need Meditation

A recent Harvard study shows why it's more effective to meditate than take a vacation to destress. The study shows evidence for multiple physical and psychological benefits.

How Yoga And Meditation Benefit Young Children

More children are beginning to practice yoga and meditation, leading to a plethora of benefits. Schools are finding that allowing time for their students to practice meditation and yoga in class results in better focus, attention, and behavior.

How To Practice The Outdoor Meditation of Japanese Forest Bathing

Forest-bathing has been part of the Japanese health programme and has been shown to ease stress and promote a healthy immune system.

South African Prisoners Experience Mental Shift With Help Of Yoga

SevaUnite brings yoga to South Africa's biggest and most dangerous prison. The Prison Freedom Program helps hundreds of prisoners become more positive about life.

Therapists Recommend Yoga To De-Stress From Following US Presidential Elections

Psychologists across the US are reporting a spike in patients who suffer from anxiety and depression due to the upcoming 2016 US Presidential Elections. Their advice: Turn off the TV and do Yoga.

How Yoga In Prison Helps Rehabilitation

Yoga in prison has been making bounds within correctional facilities worldwide even though it seems like the antithesis of what prison life represents.