Yoga Helps Depression – Yes, It’s True!

The Boston University School of Medicine concludes that Iyengar yoga and coherent breathing exercises are effective in treating Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in a recent medical study.
Yoga Mats linked to infertility

Another Reason To Ditch Cheap Yoga Mats – They May Cause Infertility

Chemicals used to make cheap yoga mats may be linked to infertility. According to a Harvard study, chemicals used to make flame retardant foam may cause fertility problems.
Paddleboard yoga

Surftech Colab With BLOOM for Sustainable Paddleboards

Surftech and BLOOM have announced a collaboration to produce paddleboards made out of algae blooms that harm waterways. Practice paddleboard yoga and help clean the o
New study shows 10% of yoga practitioners get yoga injuries

New Study Suggests 1 in 10 People Get Yoga Injuries

A study on yoga injuries reports that 10.7% of yoga practitioners develop new injuries and pain from their practice. But some say the study does not paint an accurate picture of a mindful yoga practice.
Yoga for ulcers

Study Shows Yoga Improves Quality of Life For Ulcer Sufferers

A study shows that yoga can improve quality of life for those with ulcerative colitis. The researchers said that hatha yoga could be an effective for therapy and treatment programs.
Yoga and meditation changes DNA

Researchers Say Yoga And Meditation Changes Your DNA

Researchers found that yoga and meditation reverses molecular reactions in DNA that cause mental health issues. The study shows that yoga can reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety on physical and mental health.
NadiX Yoga Pants

NadiX Yoga Pants Give Feedback to Help Your Asana Alignment

NadiX yoga pants are the world's first machine learning yoga pants that can help aid in asana alignment. They were created and designed by Billie Whitehouse for Wearable X.
Yara Kamal, founder of Scoria Yoga Mats

Connect To Your Inner Child With Scoria Yoga Mats

Scoria yoga mats are eco-friendly, anti-microbial, and uniquely designed to spark childlike creativity and imagination. Design and created in Toronto, Canada.

Apps To Meditate in Virtual Reality

Meditation gets a tech boost with virtual reality. Read about some of the VR meditation offerings out there now.

New “Trolls” App Teaches Mindfulness for Kids

A young Australian girl has envisioned a new way to get other kids meditating. She has partnered with the Smiling Mind app to create a movie-inspired meditation session.