Bravo Tango Brain Training Meditation app for veterans with PTSD

Bravo Tango Meditation App for PTSD Launched on Veterans Day

National Geographic, in a partnership with 360i, has released Bravo Tango Brain Training, the first-ever voice activated meditation app designed specifically for veterans.

Apps To Meditate in Virtual Reality

Meditation gets a tech boost with virtual reality. Read about some of the VR meditation offerings out there now.

New “Trolls” App Teaches Mindfulness for Kids

A young Australian girl has envisioned a new way to get other kids meditating. She has partnered with the Smiling Mind app to create a movie-inspired meditation session.

My Yoga Joy App Livestreams Yoga Classes To Wherever You Are

My Yoga Joy knows it's tough for some people to make it into a studio. The yoga app is the first to live stream classes directly to users devices more than eight times a day.

Simple Habit App Aims To Be The Netflix of Meditation and Mindfulness

Simple Habit wants to help people make mindfulness meditation a daily habit. With a collection of 5-minute meditations in its library, they hope it will become the Netflix for meditation apps.

Spotify And Headspace Team Up For Premium Meditation Music Subscription

Spotify and Headspace announced a partnership this week that will allow users to subscribe to both app services with single log-in credentials. Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation training app while Spotify offers streaming music.

This Election-Related Guided Meditation App Helps Make You 10 Percent Happier

Guided meditations on the 10% Happier app will help people cope with US elections stress. The six guided meditations are lead by meditation experts.

Yoga Wake Up App Helps To Start The Day With Yoga And Meditation

Yoga Wake Up app for iOS was designed to replace intrusive alarm clocks and ease you into your day. Meditations, stretches and yoga sequences could help you gently transition from mattress to mat.

Easypose Is An ‘Uber for Yoga’ App That Brings Yoga Teachers To You

Booking a private yoga class made easy. Easypose is a mobile app that aims to be the Uber for yoga.