Paddleboard yoga

Surftech Colab With BLOOM for Sustainable Paddleboards

Surftech and BLOOM have announced a collaboration to produce paddleboards made out of algae blooms that harm waterways. Practice paddleboard yoga and help clean the o
Yara Kamal, founder of Scoria Yoga Mats

Connect To Your Inner Child With Scoria Yoga Mats

Scoria yoga mats are eco-friendly, anti-microbial, and uniquely designed to spark childlike creativity and imagination. Design and created in Toronto, Canada.

Traveling Yoga Teacher Designs African Yoga Mat Bags in Zambia

Carolyn McPherson has design Africa-inspired yoga mat bags. The wholesale of the mats will not only support her but the families of the women who sew the bags in Zambia.
Microplastic in Yoga Pants adds to Ocean Pollution

Are Your Yoga Pants Polluting the Oceans? Here’s How You can Help

Florida researchers have discovered a new type of plastic pollutant has become dominant. Where does it come from? Yoga pants.

Clesign Yoga Plants Two Trees For Each Of Their PVC-Free Yoga Mats Sold

Clesign Yoga Mat not only produces eco-friendly yoga mats but promises to plant trees for every sale. The Hong Kong-based company uses sustainable materials such as rubber and cork.

BallerYoga Leather Yoga Mats Draws Ire Of Vegans

Vegans and Carnivores clash on the mat. BallerYoga, a producer of leather yoga mats, rouses the ire of vegans in the yoga community.

Cube For Fidgety Fingers Helps People Focus

If you are the type who incessantly needs to click pens, fiddle with paper clips or bite your nails, the Fidget Cube may just be what you're been looking for.

Will This $1000 Yoga Mat Get More Guys Into Yoga?

Premium, luxury BallerYoga mats cost up to $1000. But creator Cedric Yau believes his mats will appeal to non-traditional yoga practitioners and to athletes and men who do yoga.

Yoga Joes Releases First Female Soldier With New Advance Poses

Yoga Joes was a successful Kickstarter story with 2,879 backers raising $108,065 in October 2014 for the new take on the classic green plastic army men toy...