Tom Bergeron talks Meditation

Dancing With The Stars Host Tom Bergeron On How Meditation And Anger Issues

Dancing with the Stars host, Tom Bergeron, shared with Dan Harris that Transcendental Meditation helped his anger management issues and helps him roll with any situation that may happen on live TV. The interview was aired on the podcast 10% Happier.
John Legend Pranked This Mom at Yoga

John Legend Pranks Unsuspecting Mom At Yoga Class

In a commercial for Capri Sun, John Legend helped two kids prank their mom during a hilarious yoga class. The two kids spoke to Legend via a hidden earpiece so he could follow all their instructions.
Sahaja Online Meditation Workshop

Free 4-Week Guided Meditation Workshop From Sahaja Online

Sahaja Online, a website offering guided meditation online, has launched a free four week online guided meditation workshop. Anyone can visit the website to attend the weekend workshop during the month of September.
yoga mat White House lockdown

September 11 White House Lockdown Over Yoga Mat

On September 11 two items were thrown over the White House North Lawn fence which appeared to be a yoga man and a sign. The White House was put on lockdown for 45 minutes as Secret Service investigated.
Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton Says Yoga, Prayer, and Chardonnay Helped After 2016 Loss

Hilary Clinton said that the loss of the 2016 US Presidential Election was devastating and she got through it with prayer, yoga, and Chardonnay. The former Secretary of State has written a new book about the elections, "What Happened?"
LeAnn Rimes on meditation

LeAnn Rimes on Meditation to Have a Happier Outlook on Life

LeAnn Rimes shared how starting a daily meditation practice helped her have a better relationship with herself, her husband, and her blended family.
Lance Bass takes his dogs to yoga

Lance Bass Loves Yoga with his Puppies

Lance Bass took his dogs, Chip and Dale, to a yoga class to promote healthy living for pets which includes proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.
Chicken Yoga by Beth Wolfe

Yoga Goes a-Fowl with a new Chicken Yoga Class

Move over Goat Yoga, the new farm animal yoga craze may be Chicken Yoga! Virginia-based yoga teacher, Beth Wolfe will lead the first Chicken Yoga class at Whitewall Farm.
Goat Yoga Zoning Violation

Goat Yoga In Manchester Shut Down Due to Zoning Violations

The Town of Manchester has issued a cease and desist letter to Aussakita Acres Farm to halt Goat Yoga on the farm. According to the order, yoga is a zoning violation because it is not a proper farm activity.
Katy Perry Hosts MTV Video Music Awards 2017

Meditation Advocate Katy Perry Announced As Host of MTV Video Music Awards

MTV announced that global pop superstar Katy Perry will host the 2017 “MTV Video Music Awards”, via Perry’s Twitter account. Perry is an advocate for daily meditation and yoga.