V Nanammal is one of the world's oldest yoga teachers

98-yr Old Yoga Teacher V Nanammal Says Yoga Is Not About Sweating

V Nanammal is one of the oldest yoga teachers in the world and says that yoga is not about pushing to yourself or working up a sweat. Her school, Ozone Yoga, has trained thousands of yoga practitioners in traditional yoga since the 1970's.
International Yoga Championship

International Yoga Championship 2017 To Be Held in China

Yoga practitioners from around the world will congregate in Shenzhen, China for the sixth International Yoga Championships. The IYC will take place on June 23 through 25 at the World Famous Mission Hills Resort.
Hindu Temple at Ritz-Carlton Bali

Guests at Ritz-Carlton Bali Invited To Explore Hindu Temple At Lux Resort

Guests of the luxury Ritz-Carlton Bali are invited to explore and partake in rituals at a Hindu temple located on the grounds on which the resort was built. The lux getaway also offers yoga classes, spa treatments, and rituals for various festivals.
Bali United players show inter-faith unity

Yoga Means To Unite: Interfaith Bali United Soccer Players Show Solidarity

Bali United's interfaith soccer team showed the world that they can work together towards a common goal. Three players used various postures of prayer to celebrate the team's victory.
Indian yoga teachers in China

Rishikesh Biggest Exporter of Yoga Teachers to China

Yoga is gaining more popularity in China, Rishikesh exports a great number of yoga instructors to China and more are needed!
Mew-ga aka Cat Yoga in Mumbai

Adopt a Kitten Who loves Cat Yoga in Mumbai

The Cat Café Studio in Mumbai brings one of the latest yoga crazes to India. Get ready to mew-ga!
Bali Spirit Festival

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Can’t Stop The Flow at Bali Spirit festival

An earthquake of 6.4 magnitude scared tourists in Bali last week. But in Ubud, the gods smiled on Bali Spirit Festival as the yoga workshops and concerts went on.

Diabetes Study Shows Yoga Plus Fenugreek Reduces Blood Sugar

A medical study in India has shown positive results in the use of yoga and fenugreek seeds to treat diabetes.

Hip Hop Tribute to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev is honored in a hip hop dance tribute that incorporates his humor and dedication to yoga

Dormeuil Launches Contemporary Kimono Line With Japanese Tea Ceremony and Yoga

Dormeuil celebrated the launch of their new kimono line in Aoyama with Japanese tea ceremony. The founders of tranquility blend together the art of tea with the art of yoga.