Vivo Barefoot and Bloom Foam create shoes that clean the ocean.

These Shoes Made of Algae Help Clean The Oceans

Vivo Barefoot and Bloom Foam collaborated to create the amphibious Ultra III shoe. Made out of harvested algae, they clean waterways by clearing out harmful algae blooms that kill marine wildlife.
Yoga and Body Building Twins share how exercise helped their depression

Kilt Yoga Guy and Twin Share How Yoga and Body Building Helped With Depression

Finlay Wilson and twin brother Alastair Wilson share how yoga and body building respectively helped them battle depression. They said that movement arts gave them motivation, focus, and the balance they needed.

UK Boarding School to Give Teachers Emergency Meditation Kids to Calm Rowdy Kids

Brighton College issues meditation kits to its teachers in order to maintain classroom order and better student mental health

Geri Halliwell Horner Shares How Iyengar Yoga Helped Her Throughout Pregnancy

Geri Halliwell Horner shares how Iyengar Yoga helped her concieve naturally and cope with her changing body during her third pregnancy at 44 years old. Horner welcomed her son, Monty into the world on Jan. 21.

Minakshi Jafa-Bodden Wins Control Of Bikram Yoga College of India

Bikram Choudhury lost his Bikram Yoga company to Minashka Jafa-Bodden, the former head of his legal team who sued him for sex discrimination. She is one of multiple women who accused and filed charges against Bikram for sexual harrasment and rape.

More Than 100 UK MPs Take Meditation Class Inside Parliament

MPs in the UK Parliament were given free mindfulness meditation classes to help them with the stress of work. It was reported that over 140 politicians took the course.

Ourmala Helps Refugees In UK With Yoga

Ourmala helps refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK cope with trauma and rebuild. They offer free yoga classes, English classes, and connection to support groups.

Yoga In Prison Being Offered To Britain’s Most Dangerous Men

HMP Wakefield is a high-security prison in the UK offering yoga for prisoners. It is believed that yoga and health is essential to prisoner rehabilitation.

Car Park Being Converted Into Nottingham’s First Hot Yoga Studio

A commercial carpark in Nottingham will be converted into the city's first Hot Yoga Studio. The carpark will house the unique inflatable hot yoga rooms of Hotpod Yoga.

UK Chemistry Teacher Wants Yoga To Be Part Of School Curriculum

Bringing yoga into schools are part of the curriculum is gaining momentum. UK chemistry teacher, Anjina Pindoria, sees the benefits that the practice has brought to her students.