Tasmania May Become Australia’s Meditation State

Tasmania is poised to become the Meditation State of Australia. This will be through the efforts of their numerous meditation retreats and centres.

Cobra Pose For Two Hours Helped Keep This Australian Man Alive

An Australian man told reporters "yoga saved my life," when he was pinned underneath a water hole with only his nose above water. Daniel Miller had to hold himself up in Cobra Pose for two hours before help arrived.

Australian Yoga Teachers Weaving Aboriginal And Indian Healing Ceremonies

Yoga teachers in Australia are weaving together the ancient Indian practice of yoga with Aboriginal music and ceremonies. They say the fusion helps align students not only physically, but spiritually as well.

Australian Yoga Class Gets Kinky Down Under

Bondage and yoga unite in the unique Kink Yoga class in Sydney, Australia. Fans of the class say it allows them to explore their bodies and themselves without shame or fear.

Melbourne Residential Communities Looking For More Yoga Spaces Less Cafes

Property developers in Melbourne, Australia are ditching the cookie-cutter corner cafe and opting to create yoga and meditation spaces instead. This moves shows how more communities want to create more creative and vibrant living spaces.

Yoga Becomes Australia’s Fastest Growing Fitness Activity

Around two million people are practicing yoga in Australia, according to research. This makes yoga the fastest growing fitness activity in the country.

This Yoga For Life Program To Curb Violence In Papua New Guinea Is Vatican-Approved

The Vatican has recognised the influence yoga has on the healing and peace of humanity. A Papua New Guinea program shows how yoga can be used for the greater good.

Australian Crowdfunding Campaign Ongoing For Frontline Yoga For Veterans

Yoga teachers and volunteers across Australia are reaching out to veterans who have served their country on the front l lines with free yoga classes specially made...