Yoga Marathon record broken

Kavitha Bharanidaran, has broken the Guinness World Record for longest yoga marathon. The 31-year old mother living in Chennai, India has been practicing yoga since 7:00 am on December 23.

As reported by The Tribune, Bharanidaran officially broke the record at 2:02 am on December 28 and plans to continue doing the yoga marathon until December 30.

Previously, the record for longest yoga marathon was held by Pradnya Patil (Nashik) who practiced yoga for 103 hours from June 16 through 20 of this year.

In order to practice yoga for so many hours, Bharanidaran reportedly was able to take five minute breaks every hour.

Even with a three and a half year old toddler, Bharanidaran broached the idea of doing the yoga marathon to her instructor a few months ago. According to her yoga instructor, he was surprised, and after speaking to both her husband and father about her commitment to attempt to break the record, he would guide her as best he could.

“she started approaching me a few months ago, saying that I want to break the record… She read on the Guiness World Record website that Pradnya Patil, a 47-year old woman, did 103 hours of yoga marathon – she said, ‘I wanna break it one day.’ I said, ‘Is is possible?’ She made it yesterday!” her husband told ANI News in an interview.

Watch Kavitha Bharanidaran Break Guinness World Record for Longest Yoga Marathon


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