Yara Kamal, founder of Scoria Yoga Mats

Eco-friendly, anti-microbial, and uniquely designed to spark childlike creativity and imagination, Scoria Yoga Mats from Canada want to help yoga practitioners make a positive social impact in the lives of children, one yoga mat at time.

Concieved by Toronto-based art teacher and yoga practitioner, Yara Kamal, she was able to successfully crowdfund Scoria on Kickstarter – reaching 117 percent of her goal on May 4. The $15,631 CAD raised will enable her to begin manufacturing the first Scoria yoga mats with designed inspired by the imaginations of children, and get an e-commerce shop up and running.

Kamal said that she went through dozens of prototypes before finding the perfect mat to not only showcase the children’s drawings, but was also eco-friendly, sustainable, and durable.

Staying away from harmful PVC, Scoria yoga mats are made with cork tops that whip away moisture (perfect for sweating at hot yoga, said Kamal), and have a 4mm thick rubber underside for better grip and cushion while practicing asana. The mats were made from materials that are stripped from trees without cutting them.

The designs of the eco-friendly yoga mats were also an important element that make Scoria yoga mats unique. The childlike sketches were inspired by the stories Kamal’s own art students would tell her about their hopes and dreams. She said that the images are meant to connect yoga practitioners to their inner child and spark their own journey into creativity and wonder.

“Our designs are not just fun, they also help with mindfulness during your practice. They’re biodegradeable and made of a natural cork surface that is soft and unbreakable…” Kamal explained in the video for Scoria yoga mats’ Kickstarter campaign.

The designs are also practical. The Alignment design, with whimsically drawn fish, can help those who are beginning their yoga practice by using the strategically placed fish as reference points to place their hands and feet on the mat.

Buy Scoria Yoga Mats, Feed Hungry Children

Additionally, mindfulness and connection to your inner child through yoga only scratch the surface of Kamal’s goals with her company. Every sale and pre-sale of the cork yoga mats helps to feed six children through a partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE).

When you purchase a Scoria Yoga mat, you will also be giving six nutritious, plant-based meal of lentils, rice, dehydrated vegetables, and pink Himalayan salt to childrean from communities in need around the globe.

Kamal envisions Scoria to offer not only eco-friendly yoga mats, but also leggins, shirts, and sports bras made from recyled plastic bottles and other yoga gear designed for sustainability and positive social impact.

All of Scoria’s upcoming activewear products will be produced ethically in Canada.

Although the crowdfunding campaign has already successfully ended, pre-orders can still be made via Indiegogo and updates may be found on Scoria’s website.

UPDATED: 30 May 2017
This article was corrected to reflect the original crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and the process of stripping cork from trees.


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