Coworking space for women at The Riveter

The Riveter is a women-only coworking space in Seattle, Washington, USA that was designed to be an environment where women could thrive in business. From fresh flowers on the windowsills, to yoga and meditation rooms, the converted auto-body shop where MTV’s The Real World: Seattle was filmed has become a haven for female entrepreneurs to succeed.

According to Kim Peltola and Amy Nelson, the co-founders of The Riveter, they wanted to design a coworking space that allowed women to put self-care on their list of priorities. To this end, the space has two meditation rooms, two yoga rooms, and daily meditation sessions at 5pm.

Daily yoga classes are offered in-house, as well as barre classes and talks from various guest speakers about women entrepreneurs and self-care for success at work.

Peltola, who used to work as a social worker and therapist, women often feel stretched out too thin and burn out because of the responsibilities they carry at home in addition to work. The Riveter was their dream for a space that would prioritize work productivity on equal footing with personal self-care.

“It’s really nice to be at a space where you can have your needs met right here, and then you can go home and be present—whether that’s for your child, your partner, or your other passions,” she said.

In a feature in Fast Company, Nelson said that they wanted to help create a new ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to boost and support each other by creating more spaces like The Riveter where women could work together for success in personal and business life – a contrast to what many women feel in male-dominated offices and industries.

Packages at The Riveter start monthly at $375 for floating desks, $400 for a dedicated desk, $750 for a private workspace, or $75 for a 10-hour monthly pass.

Nelson and Peltola explained that they plan to expand The Riveter to ten more locations along the West Coast of the United States. They hope that self-care will soon be seen as a productivity strategy in all businesses – for men and women alike.


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