Dosha Energy Bars based on Ayurveda

Dosha Energy Bars are snacks that balance your Ayurvedic constitution. The healthy snack bars were created by Josh Ehrenfried who noticed a gap in the energy bar market for snacks that were filled with healthy ingredients that also tasted good. He also wanted to create a brand that would appeal to yoga practitioners.

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Many in India already see the appeal of personal care and food products using Ayurvedic principles and many in the US are catching on as well.

These New England created,  Ayurveda based snacks are not only healthy energy boosters, but each flavor variant was designed to work perfectly with the metabolism of a person whether their dosha is Pitta, Vata, or Kapha.

Currently, Dosha Bar comes in three natural flavors: Cherry Chakra for Vata dosha, Blueberry Balance for Pitta dosha, and Apple Cran Awakening for Kapha dosha. Based on Ayurveda, three types of energies build up the material world.

What’s Your Dosha?

Vata reflects the qualities of ether and air. It is an energy that controls motion and bodily functions such as circulation, breathing, and the beat of the heart. Vata people tend to be slimmer than average and move quickly.

Pitta reflects elements of fire and water. This energy controls the body’s metabolic system, digestion, nutrition absorption, and temperature. Pitta people tend to be more energetic and fiery by nature and may have oilier skin than average.

Lastly, Kapha reflects the elements of earth and water. It is a grounding energy that controls body growth, supplies hydration to the body, and maintains the immune system. Kapha people tend to have more solidly built body types, are purposeful in their movements and have calm temperaments.

People who are balanced in their dosha will display good qualities of the elements that influence them. Unbalanced doshas, however, will display unfavorable qualities. For example, lack of focus for Vata, anger issues for Pitta, or laziness for Kapha.

Ways To Eat Dosha Energy Bars

For those who do not know what their dosha type is, Dosha Bar has a quick quiz on their website to determine your type.

In addition to balancing your personal dosha, Dosha Energy Bars may also be consumed to balance the seasons (Vata: Fall and Winter; Pitta: Spring, Summer, and Fall; Kapha: Winter and Spring), or to balance the time of day (Pitta: 10am to 2pm; Vata: 2pm-6pm; Kapha: 6am-10am).

And according to Ehrenfried, Dosha Bar may also be enjoyed by those who do not care to learn anything about Ayurveda or their personal dosha types. He suggests the healthy energy bars may be consumed as a delicious and nutritious snack.

“I was concerned at first how Dosha Bar would be perceived by the Ayurveda community, but people love the fact that I’m trying to bring Ayurveda to the masses. Sometimes you just need a quick, healthy snack – something that doesn’t taste like chalk or covered in sugar. I’m putting mind-body into a package,” said Ehrenfried.

Organic and Made in the USA

In an interview with WELL Insiders, Ehrenfried said that it was important to him to source as many local ingredients as he could from organic farmers. He said it was challenging to find unsweetened dried fruit and many seeds used in Dosha Energy Bars recipes, such as chia, still need to be purchased from outside of the United States, but he loved networking with farmers who see the importance of creating sustainable and eco-friendly methods of growing.

Dosha Bars are available to purchase from stores across the US. They may also be purchased from the Dosha Bar official website for retail and wholesale options.

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Do you know your dosha type already? Share it with us in the comments as well as your favorite go-to health snack.


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