Sahaja Online Meditation Workshop

Sahaja Online Launches Four week Online Guided Meditation Workshop [PRESS RELEASE]

Sahaja Online has launched a new four week online meditation workshop that provides in-depth instruction to learners on how to practice meditation using Sahaja meditation’s unique Thoughtless Awareness based meditation. The state of Thoughtless Awareness is different from the concept of mindfulness and much more powerful as it elevates one’s consciousness to a higher plane, thereby achieving the reduction and elimination of thoughts.

Sahaja Online’s website was launched earlier in June this year and since then has been offering various types of guided meditation sessions to its subscribers. The four week meditation workshop gives an opportunity for practitioners and interested learners to learn the techniques specifically associated with achieving and improving their experience of Thoughtless Awareness. It is also an ideal opportunity for a new person to jump start the meditation practice through a focused four week course.

Existing meditation practitioners can improve their expertise and knowledge on Thoughtless Awareness and associated techniques to get better results in managing stress, anxiety, depression and a host of other benefits that Sahaja meditation has been proven to provide.

The 4 week meditation workshop offers three major benefits to attendees – how to learn to meditate using the Sahaja meditation technique, in-depth knowledge of Thoughtless Awareness along with the scientific research backing it and the powerful experience of the Thoughtless Awareness state in a group meditation setting. Thoughtless Awareness is central to all the benefits that Sahaja meditation offers to a practitioner and uniquely differentiates Sahaja meditation from other forms of meditation.

The sessions are led by expert instructors on Sahaja Online. Participants are also provided guidance on how to follow up the online course with meditation at home. They are asked to report their experience and progress over the four weeks and provided guidance on how to customize the Sahaja meditation practice for their individual needs. The four week course is intended to help meditators to establish their regular meditation schedule and guidance is provided on how to stay on track during this period.

Sahaja Online Meditation Workshop is For Everybody

Sahaja meditation has been in existence since 1970 and is currently being practiced by thousands of meditators world-wide in over 90 countries of the world. Sahaja Online is an exclusive and unique online guided meditation offering of Sahaja meditation, providing comprehensive information on meditation research, benefits, spirituality and practitioner tips through its video library.

The current four week meditation workshop is the first major offering as part of customized meditation courses that provided specialized meditation coaching online. Future courses planned include courses for managing Addiction and Depression. These courses will cater to more specific audiences that are looking for meditation as an adjunct therapy to deal with their addiction and depression problems.


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