Geri Halliwell said Iyengar Yoga helped her throughout pregnancy. [Image: Geri Halliwell | Instagram]

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Geri Horner is best known to most of the world as Geri Halliwell, or “Ginger Spice” from the 90’s girl power pop group, The Spice Girls. She welcomed her second child into the world on Jan. 21. At 44-years old, Halliwell said she considers her son a miracle and shared that her Iyengar Yoga practice helped her not only concieve naturally, but helped her body cope with the changes it went through during her pregnancy.

Throughout her pregnancy, Halliwell posted yoga selfies of herself on Instagram. But she cautioned that even the more extreme poses she shared on social media were done under the watchful supervision of her teacher and she always warmed up properly before getting into more advance asana.

Preggie yoga

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According to a report in The Sunday Times, Horner had already been a yoga practitioner for several years. In fact, she has two yoga DVD’s which she showed how to get a Geri Body Yoga, presented with Katy Appleton. She said doing spine stretching asana helped her petite 5 foot 2 frame create space for her growing baby.

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“I found Iyengar yoga, which I have practised for several years, to be really helpful. I really like the pose when you are on all fours and you wiggle your hips… I also love a couple of standing poses, especially the half-moon, but deep down I am like a lazy lion. To me the resting poses are the best,” she shared.

Horner released the first photo of her newborn son, Montague George Hector Horner, on Instagram as well. On Monday, she posted a photo of the newborn’s foot and announced his arrival into her family with husband, Christian Horner.

Montague George Hector Horner arrived this morning, a beautiful little brother for Bluebell and Olivia #amazing-day #grateful #monty

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Little Monty joins his two older sisters, Bluebell and Olivia.

Time for some birthday cake! Thank you for all your lovely messages x

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