Goat Yoga Zoning Violation

One town in Manchester, Connecticut, USA is not happy with the growing popularity of Goat Yoga. A cease and desist letter was delivered to Tracy Longoria, owner of Aussakita Acres Farm, to immediately stop hosting Goat Yoga classes on her farm citing zoning violations.

According to Fox 61, Aussakita Acres Farm had been offering Goat Yoga classes for the past three months with hundreds of students from all over the country and even the world coming to convene with the goats in the trendy yoga class.

However, officials from the Town of Manchester put an end to the classes in July, saying that Longoria’s property was not following the Board of Zoning regulations for farming or agritourism.

“They had about a hundred people there I understand. It’s not zoned properly for health and recreation use, then it needs to be properly zoned or the use can’t take place there,” said Scott Shanley, the general manager of Manchester.

Longoria, however, said that the cease and desist order was unfair. According to Longoria, the regulations do not clearly define what farming or acritourism activities are.

She said each Goat Yoga class only hold up to 40 participants. She added that she was not happy that a surprise inspection of her farm took place when she was not on the property and was not even informed.

Aussakita Acres Farm has released a statement on its Facebook Page regarding the cease and desist letter and the cancellation of the Goat Yoga classes.

The Town of Manchester has informed Longoria that she may continue holding Goat Yoga classes after she files a Board of Zoning appeals form. After which, a hearing will be held. Meetings are reportedly also being held among Aussakita Acres Farm, the town attorney, and Mayor to discuss options of keeping Goat Yoga in Manchester.


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