Many people can get to a place in their careers where they feel stuck or unfulfilled. When one mining engineer found herself questioning her career path she turned to yoga for the answers.

At 29-years-old, Jacqueline Forth, from Barrie, Canada, began practicing yoga to address the stress from working as a mining engineer in the North West Territories. A report in Barrie Today detailed how her yoga practice changed her life.

When Forth worked as a mining engineer she traveled all over Canada to work in locations in the Arctic Circle, Northern Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Everywhere she went she continued her daily yoga practice. Then her job led her to move out to Australia, where, after five years, she determined she needed to make a serious change.

Once she completed her contract with her company as an engineer, she started her own company, Pure Glow Cold Pressed Juice. The Australia-based shop has hosted a variety of juices cleanses, tea detoxes and a probiotic supplement since it opened in 2013. Forth continued to run the store after she moved back to Barrie and embarked on her next adventure.

Shortly after she moved, Forth traveled to Bali to earn her yoga teacher training certification. Once she was certified, she was determined to start another business, this time located close to home in Barrie. Her new yoga business, JCQULN Yoga, hosts a schedule of yoga classes focused on maintaining a slow flow.

“I’m just starting to share my kind of yoga with Barrie because it is a bit different from what I’ve seen in Barrie,” Forth said. “My yoga is very much flow yoga. It’s about unravelling. You move super slowly so you feel all the muscles working and things stretching and strength building.”

Forth stated that trying new things and challenging herself in different ways, like she does in yoga, is what led her to discover alternative career paths. She learned that her passion for creative projects and building ideas was not being met by the corporate world in the ways she needed. She credited yoga as what allowed her to recognize what would fulfill her spirit.


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