International Yoga Championship

Yoga practitioners from around the world will congregate in Shenzhen, China to see whose asana is the best at the sixth International Yoga Championships (IYC). The competition will take place on June 23 through 25 at the World Famous Mission Hills Resort.

IYC 2017 was organized by the World Sports Yoga Federation, the Hong King Yoga Federation, Yuva Yoga Manthiram Trust, Together, and Dayal Leisure and Cultural Association. The aim is to promote yoga asana as a sport on an international level. They believe that the International Yoga Championship is an excellent platform to showcase how yoga is practiced around the world for positive energy, and health for the body and mind.

According to the competition information sheet, the purpose of the IYC is not to turn yoga into a sport that only competes for medals and awards, but can bring yoga to a new kind of spotlight.

“The word “yoga” stands for union. Through these championships we can help each other achieve the physical strength, flexibility, spiritual awareness and mental equilibrium and grow together,” they stated.

International Yoga Championships Asana Rounds

Participants will compete based on age and must present a total of four asana in the first round of the competition. Three asana from required categories such as backbends, balance, and forward bends; and an asana of the competitor’s choice.

Only those who recieved marks of 80 percent and higher will move on to the second round where they must perform five asana in the following categories: backbend, twisting, forward bend, arm balance, and leg balance.

Three winning place holders will be selected from each age group and these champions will compete in the final round for the title of Champion of Champions.

For the ultimate Champion of Champion of the International Yoga Championship 2017, the competitors must present 12 asana – two from each of the required categories: backbends, twisting, forward bends, leg balance, arm balance, and inversions. In addition, they must show their knowledge of yoga theory with a Viva Voce test.

International Yoga Championships Artistic and Rhythmic Rounds

Competitors will not only show their prowess with static asana, but their artistic and rhythmic ability to flow in each asana as well in the singles and doubles competition.

In the Singles and Pairs competitions, eight to ten asana must be presented artistically with music within three minutes. In the Rhythmic competition, each pair mus perform their three minute, eight to ten asana routine to music in perfect sync.

The IYC boasts that the 2017 event has over $40,000 in prized for the champions.

Previous International Yoga Championships were held in other Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shanghai.


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