Trevor Tice, Founder of Core Power Yoga [Image: CorePower Yoga | Facebook]

​​Authorities officially ruled that the death of 48-year old Trevor Tice, founder of Core Power Yoga (CPY) was an accident. Tice was found in his San Diego home on Dec. 12, 2016. Although inspectors first reported that his unexpected death was suspicious, it was determined that no foul play was involved.

According the San Diego Tribune, the officers who initially found Tice’s body reported that it was bloodied so homicide investigators were called in. However, an autopsy revealed that Tice’s blood alchohol level was at .20 percent. In addition, they also found several anti-depressants in his system and a valium-like tranquilizer, benzodiazepine.

Investigators determined that, while intoxicated and alone in his home, Tice stumbled from room to room and at some point, severely injured his head and face. Blood was found on beds in two rooms, a sofa in his living room, the kitchen floor, and in the dining areas.

They also reported that Tice had a liver condition which contributed to his death.

“His liver disease could reasonably have contributed to a decreased ability to coagulate blood, and to increased bleeding from his injuries, and alone (absent the head injuries) could have resulted in death,” the report stated.

The last person to see Tice alive was a neighbor who told investigators that on Dec. 9 she saw him return home in an Uber car while she was walking her dog. She said he appeared to be drunk and they got into an argument. Tice reportedly fell into a palm tree in his front yard before he went inside his home.

The mother of his child, who was not named in the Tribune article, reportedly was worried when she had not heard from Tice and called a friend to check on him. The friend was able to get in touch with Tice’s contractor, since he was having renovations done on his home, in order to enter. But they immediately called 911 when they saw blood inside the house.

Many in the yoga community still feel the loss from Tice’s death. He began his so called yoga empire in 2002 when he opened his first CPY Studio in Denver. It since expanded all across the US and currently has over 160 locations around the country. Although Tice stepped aside as the company’s CEO, he remained n the board of directors and continued to give business talks to many aspirxing yoga teachers and studio owners.


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