John Legend Pranked This Mom at Yoga

John Legend helped two kids prank their yoga-loving mom with the help of an earpiece and Capri Sun. The joke was a set-up by the organic juice company to promote their line of 100% fruit and veggie blends.

Before mom arrived at the yoga class, the two kids were set-up in a hidden room with screens connected to hidden cameras. They spoke to John Legend via a hidden earpiece and he was instructed to say and do everything they told him to when their mom walked into the class.

As reported by Pop Sugar Moms, it was difficult for Legend to keep a straight face as he followed the kids’ instructions to a tee. But he managed to keep the joke up til the prank was revealed.

Among the hilarious antics the kids asked Legend to do were to flirt with their mom during class, telling her he’s 38 and a half years old and that he was from Ohio – “That’s a state.”

He also hissed like a snake during Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) and said out loud, “I’m so good at yoga.”

The kids also tried to get Legend to influence their mom by telling her that kids chores are stupid, little girls should wear make-up, and that she should take the kids on vacation to Hawaii.

As the prank went on, the look on the mom’s face clearly showed that she had no idea what was going on and perhaps thought that John Legend was a bit coo-coo.

By the end, not only was the John Legend’s yoga prank revealed, but also that it was in fact, a commercial for Capri Sun’s four updated drinks.

Watch John Legend Prank This Yoga Mom

The video was uploaded on Sept. 15 to Capri Sun’s YouTube channel.


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