Integrating Mindfulness at your office job

From office spaces with meditation rooms, to Wall Street companies paying for employees to take meditation classes, more nine-to-five offices are seeing the importance of self-care, yoga and mindfulness in your office job. Guest author Kosta Miachin shares his five tips on how to integrate mindfulness practices everyday at work.

Don’t we all wish we had a job that would allow us to manage our time on our own, work from where we want and be creative at our own terms? Most of us don’t have that freedom and are working under pressure in a demanding office job, are busy meeting deadlines and making the managers look good.

While some people thrive in a fast speed environment, others get sick or even severely ill,
physically or mentally. No matter to which group you belong, the following five tips will help you to integrate some mindfulness in your office job, and will come in handy when the office madness is at its peak.

1. Take a Walk

Take a short walk around the block or in a nearby park when you feel overwhelmed or if
your fatigue doesn’t allow you to think straight. It’s more refreshing than coffee and the
best ideas come when you got some distance anyway.

2. Take a proper Lunch Break

I know it’s tempting to gulp down a sandwich with one hand while responding to a client’s
email with the other one. Getting more hectic and stressed by the minute. Everyone has
time for a lunch break. If you think you don’t – take an even longer one. You will be
double as productive after you have looked at something else than your computer
monitor for a while. Plus eating mindfully keeps you full for longer, so chances are you
won’t snack as much in the afternoon.

3. Breath

Make good use of the little havens of stillness away from your desk. While waiting in the
kitchen for the kettle to boil or for the coffee machine to pour that brown delicacy into
your cup: Close your eyes and take several deep and slow inhales and exhales. Notice
the quality of your breath, observe it, don’t judge it. You might notice you haven’t been
breathing properly all day. You can do the same at your desk, or when walking to the
bathroom. Walk slowly and mindfully, and calm yourself down with a few slow and
mindful breaths.

4. One Task at a Time

While we all love to be the most productive and efficient person in the office, multitasking
doesn’t get you anywhere but to the sick bed. Make a priority list of your tasks and tackle
one after the other. From beginning to end. Your diligence will show in the quality of your

5. Snack Right, Drink Right

Swap your 4pm chocolate bar for some nuts, healthy cereal bars, some fresh fruit or
crudités. These foods keep your blood sugar level stable so the shaky afternoon slumps
don’t feel half as bad if you stick to the healthy choices for a while. Plus, they will leave
you with more energy when you finally get home.

Feeling especially motivated? Maybe tomorrow you even swap that third cup of coffee
for a green tea or even a non-caffeinated herbal tea.

If you integrate these five mindfulness tips or other meditation techniques into your work routine, you will see some great improvement of both your wellbeing and the quality of your work. And you will also be on the right path towards a healthier work attitude.

Put your own well-being over your company’s profits. No one else will do this for you. Despite what it sometimes looks like, the most appreciated people in a company are the ones who take care of themselves. They show responsibility, take conscious, active – as opposed to reactive – decisions, and are less sick.


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