Cannabis sativa, or marijuana, was used as a medicinal herb in many cultures. However, its classification as an illegal drug has put it in the same categore as deadlier chemicals such as meth or heroin. But cannabis has positive medicinal uses even in Ayruveda, the ancient healing system from India – if it is purified and taken in moderation just like any other herb or nectar used for healing. (In Ayrveda, any plant or medicine used in the wrong way may become poison instead of beneficial.) 

With more states in the US legalizing the use of marijuana, some yoga teachers are starting to freely explore teaching classes enhanced with weed, or heling yoga practitioners find the right type of cannabis to suit their dosha (body type).

In Ayurveda, each person’s constitution is made up of three eneregies bases on the elements but one or two will dominate. An air-water dosha is vata, water-earth is kapha, and fire-water is pitta.

Harleigh Reynolds, a yoga insructor in Austin, Texas, created Kusha Yoga, a trademarked class where teachers evaluate their students dosha to determine the correct type of cannabis for them.

Reynolds told The Cannabist that he studied Ayurveda  for two years and even smoked weed along the Ganges river in India with holy men.

“You should change your cannabis habits to suit your mood and the season. It’s like seasonal eating. Sometimes you need a dank, heavy high, when other times a light vape or a mild edible might be best. Other times, you should focus on using strains dominant in cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce inflammation. Like all health care, it should be individualized,” he explained during a soft run of one of his Kusha Yoga classes.

Reynolds has took his Ayurvedia-based medical marijuana yoga classes on tour in US cities where cannabis is legal.

His first stop will be Denver where he will conduct Kusha Yoga workshops from Dec. 30 through Jan. 2, 2017. He also plans to make stops in Seattle and Portland.

For more information, visit the official Kusha – Yoga with Substance website.


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