Lance Bass takes his dogs to yoga

Former NSYNC singer and Dancing with the Stars alum, Lance Bass, is an animal advocate who loves taking his furry pups to yoga. His yorkshire terrier pups, Chip and Dale, are already used to the spotlight from being featured on Bass instagram page.

Last week, they were front and center once more with a post to raise awareness for proper pet nutrition and making sure all animal lovers keep their pets active either through traditional walks in the park, or through a local Doga class.

Lance Bass held up his puppy like Simba from the Lion King, showing what a proud puppy papa he is. The post was also in part to advertise Natural Balance Pet Foods, which Bass promotes.

“Dale, Lily and Chip are really active dogs, don’t let their size fool you. I only give them food that is made with premium quality ingredients so they are refueled properly throughout the day,” said Bass in a press release for the company.

Chip and Dale may be the celebrity high life with premium food and dog yoga classes, but that wasn’t always the case. Bass rescued the two puppies and regularly advocates for adoption over buying pets from pet stores.


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