LeAnn Rimes on meditation

Country singer, writer, and actress LeAnn Rimes has lead a very public life from a young age. On a podcast with Dan Harris on his show 10% Happier, she shared how starting a daily meditation practice helped her have a better relationship with herself, her husband, and her blended family.

LeAnn Rimes opened up with Harris about her “Metta” practice, which is a meditation from the Buddhist tradition to direct good vibes towards others and one’s self. In the interview with the ABC reporter, she said how important it was to have moments to herself even when she lives in the public eye.

Being in the country movie spotlight since her teens, and then going through a very public divorce and marriage, she shared that she could be her own toughest critic.

“The piece of metta where it was directing it towards yourself was probably one of the hardest pieces for me… I used to not be able to sit still. I had separation anxiety, big time. I used to not be able to sit by myself at all. I just didn’t want to be alone, and now I crave that time every day. I have to have that peace for myself,” she said.

But LeAnn Rimes credits her daily 45-minutes of meditation to helping her achieve a happier outlook on life – especially keeping together her blended family with husband, Eddie Cibrian.

Rimes said that she was introduced to the practice of meditation by a holistic healer who used vizualization meditation with her. She now documents her life and soul-searching journey through yoga and other healing practices on her blog, Soul of EverLe.


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