The deteriorating effects of aging on the body cannot be escaped, even for celebrity athletes. Football star, Mike Adams, found a means to fight those effects through yoga, right before he was about to throw in the towel.

Mike Adams, at 35 years old, already has 192 games and 13 seasons under his belt, as reported by the IndyStar. He is now the third oldest Indianapolis Colt out of 53 players, under Adam Vinatieri and Robert Mathis. Though he has felt the restrictions of aging, he has learned methods which allow him to continue to bring his best game.

In 2013, Adams was starting defense for the Denver Broncos team, which would eventually participate in Super Bowl XLVIII. At this same time, Adams began to feel the payback of his training in the form of constant soreness, which seemed to target every muscle in his body. He noticed that his body could not attack or recover as quickly as when he started the game and began to feel like he had lost his edge. If he lost that, he would lose his career.

Adams took immediate action and signed up at a yoga studio. The fresh start, however, came a little too late and the Broncos lost that year’s Super Bowl by 35 points. Following the game, the Broncos let Adams walk in free agency and after months of no contact he started to plot his back up plan.

When he heard nothing during free agency, draft and minicamps, he assumed his career was over. His fear was proved wrong when he got a call from his agent while he was out to dinner with friends. The Colts and the Bears were both interested in signing Adams to play. He decided to sign a one-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts. Since then his career has only gained more attention and he was able to sign a two-year extension.

Adams stated that his second wind is due to lifestyle changes stirred by yoga. He credited his revamped core strength and flexibility to his practice as well as his reduced soreness and inflammation.

“You could say it’s lengthened my career,” Adams said.

His regular yoga session at Simply Yoga is instructed by Darya Bowskill. The two go over how his body is feeling from session to session before each start. Next, they do breathing exercises to help ease into each pose. His yoga routine includes sun salutations, core, arms, back and more before he finally lays down for Savasana.

Adams joins the ranks of many athletes who are extending their professional careers through regular yoga.


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