Bikram Choudhury may have built his yoga empire on 26 asanas in a heated room, but a court ruled that his entire company and even his luxury car collection will be awarded to Minakshi Jafa-Bodden, a British lawyer and former employee who was one of several women to accuse and sue the hot yoga teacher for sexual harrasment, rape, and discrimination.

Jafa-Bodden was a former lawyer who quit her job with a London-based international litigation firm to on the legal team of the Bikram Yoga College of India. But instead of a dream job earning £90,000 a year, she said she witnessed a man who was drunk on power and became a predator to his young, female devotees. 

As the head of his legal team, she claimed she was asked to cover up or “fix” the women who were filing rape and sexual harassment charges against him.

“There were allegations of rape and assault. Perhaps the first complaint was a surprise but then I began to see a pattern. He told me to ‘fix’ these women, but when I refused to cover up his alleged crimes, he became abusive, calling me a ‘f***ing bitch,'” she said.

She filed her own case against him in January 2015 for sex discrimination.

In October 2016 Bikram Choudhury infamously appeared on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbell where he said during the interview with Andrea Kremer that four women commited suicide when he refused to sleep with them. He also claimed 5,000 women a day want to have sex with him and he called the women who filed rape and sexual harrassment charges against him as trash.

A Los Angeles Superior Court in the US ruled in favor of Jafa-Bodden and awarded her control of Bikram’s yoga empire and his collection of 43 luxury cars. But according to reports, at this time, Bikram fled to India and has not paid the £5 million. It has since accumulated with interest into the amount of £6.4 million. In addition, other assets which were supposed to be transferred to Jaffa-Boden have disappeared, including a diamond encrusted watch and the entire luxury car collection.

Bikram’s garage manager, claimed he does not know how the cars were transfered out or where they are currently. But Jafa-Bodden’s legal team said they have photographic evidence to show he was instrumental in their illegal removal from the garage.

The Daily Mail UK reported on Sunday that Jafa-Boden plans to sell Bikram’s estate that was awarded to her.

“In a million years I never imagined that would be the outcome. Now I want to sell what we can so I can get my money and move on with my life,” she said.

Bikram Choudhury and his legal team have yet to issue an official statement.


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