Free mindfulness classes were offered to Ministers of Parliament (MPs) in the UK inside the Parliament building. The organizers thought the politicians would benefit from the meditation practice to help them cope with stress.

According to the Daily Mail, more than 140 current and former MPs took part in the eight free weekly sessins offered by Oxford Mindfulness Centre, part of the Department of Psychology of the university.

In addition to the politicians, it was reported that more than 250 of their staff and peers also attended each mindfulness session that lasted 75 minutes each.

One of the MPs who took the free mindfulness meditation course was 41-year old Tracey Coush, a Tory Sports Minister. She had previously spoken publicly about her battle with depression and said she was a complete convert to the practice by the second session.

The aim of providing the free meditation classes for the MPs was to “help them find peace in a frantic world.” The organizers felt the politicians would also benefit because they would learn how to focus on their breathing and boost their concentration during long committee meetings.

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre has also collaborated with the universities of Exeter and Bangor to establish the Mindfulness Initiative. The initiative aims to establish mindfulness meditation classes in schools, in correctional facilities, and even in government to promote overall health and lifelong well-being.

The Centre plans to conduct more Mindfulness in the Workplace courses and Masterclasses in the coming months.


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