NadiX Yoga Pants

NadiX Yoga pants can help improve your asana alignment because of built-in sensors which vibrate to let the wearer know if they are in the proper position. They are first actual product developed by Billie Whitehouse of Wearable X.

She previously pitched a prototype concept for Fundawear, vibrating underwear controlled by an app for couples in long-distance relationships.

For NadiX, she and co-founder Ben Moir wanted to create wearables that were less about gathering data from the user and more about helping wearers empathize more with their own bodies.

The company will still collect data from users, but only topline data such as if the pants are malfunctioning or if they are being heavily used.

Whitehouse and Moir, both Australians, though she is currently based in New York, studied anatomy and worked with many yoga teachers to design the NadiX sensors so that they would be stress and movement-proof, and also be comfortable and seamless.

NadiX Yoga Pants aren’t meant to reinvent yoga pants

In a feature on CNN, Whitehouse was the first to say that NadiX yoga pants will not be a replacement for a yoga teacher and makes no claims that the machine-learning yoga pants will correct the form of an asana.

“The point of the product isn’t to say there is a right and a wrong pose. It isn’t black and white. This is just about highlighting those micro muscles that you could be thinking about – that you don’t even know exist,” she said.

She also cautions over thinkers to not read too much into the feedback that the pants give. Highlighting that its always more important to be mindful and feel your own body in each asana rather than relying completely her yoga pants technology.

The pants will connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth which will allow users to select their personal appropriate yoga level. Reportedly, NadiX yoga pants will be manufactured in Sri Lanka and will be machine-washable and powered by a rechargeable, removable battery.

NadiX yoga pants retail at $299 with free shipping in the USA when ordered through the Wearable X website. Future plans are also to include a line of yoga tops to pair with the machine-learning yoga pants.


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