Namaste Niagara yoga classes

This summer, yoga practitioners will have an opportunity to practice at the base of Niagara Falls in Canada as the park opens up the lower observation deck for the popular Namaste Niagara summer yoga classes at Horseshoe Falls. This exclusive access includes a Journey Behind the Falls excursion and breakfast at Queenston Heights Restaurant.

The lower platform of Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is normally only opened for Journey Behind the Falls tours. Namaste Niagara yoga classes in 2017 will only be held on four weekends this summer so tickets are expected to be highly in demand.

The schedule of Namaste Niagara classes will be posted on the Canada 150 website, which commemorates 150 years of Confedration, and on Niagara Parks’ social media channels.

Mist from the falls descends on the platform which will make for a comfortably cool yoga class in the hot summer months. Niagara Parks advises participants to dress in layers and have a change of clothes ready because they will definitely get wet.

What to expect at Namaste Niagara yoga classes

Namaste Niagara yoga participants should also bring their own yoga mats, water bottles, and towels.

The class will be lead by Kripalu certified yoga instructor Danielle Hulan. According to the class description on Eventbrite, the class is suitable for beginners to yoga. Minors must be accompanied by an adult in order to join the class.

After the yoga class and breakfast overlooking Niagara Falls, participants will be invited to explore Niagara Park, Ontario’s only 56 kilometer outdoor adventure museum, and outdoor attractions.

In addition to natural wonders, the park also boasts a gold course, landscaped gardens, hiking trails for all levels, War of 1812 heritage sites, and the Niagara River Recreational Trail.

A ticket to join the Namaste Niagara yoga classes costs $50 CAD


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