To escape the modern society of consumerism one may have to shed their material possessions. The individuals who attend Rainbow Gatherings start by shedding their clothes.

A report in The Sun described photographer, Denis Vejas’s, intimate portfolio of the communities formed at Rainbow Gatherings. The 30-year-old Lithuanian has traveled across the globe to capture gatherings in Guatemala, Morocco, Mexico and Russia.

“Nomadic and alternative lifestyle is a big part of my photography and rainbow gatherings are a big part of nomadic culture and I felt I needed to document it,” Vejas said.

Rainbow people come from various nationalities to join in the community events in remote locations, typically on the outskirts of small countryside villages. In the wilderness, the groups find freedom from the pressures of consumerist society and a deeper connection to nature. The participants are usually naked in order to be fully immersed in nature and in the celebration of unconditional love.

The original Rainbow Gathering was held in Colorado, USA in 1972. Since then, the free events have been organized on almost every continent. Activities such as dancing, yoga, meditation and music playing are loosely scheduled to promote unity and freedom of the spirit.

Individuals at the gatherings are free to be naked, use drugs, and create art with their bodies in order to express themselves, without peer judgment. There are no authorities or governing bodies of the gatherings so there is no system of hierarchy. However, there are community meetings where labor is divided to help the gathering sites stay clean and keep the Rainbow ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ healthy. The only other dominate value that all participants must respect is unconditional love.

Rainbow people are not concerned with body image and invite individuals of all backgrounds, religions and lifestyles to attend the gatherings. The goal is to create a society outside the principles of mainstream culture, where bodies belong to nature and not to cultural standards.


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