Headspace Chief Business Officer Ross Hoffman

Ross Hoffman will be moving on from his post as Twitter’s VP of global content partnerships and taking the position of the first Chief Business Officer for Headspace. The meditation app has taken the world by storm and Hoffman himself is a regular user.

Hoffman tweeted on May 20 that he would be leaving his post at Twitter after seven years with the company.

He also added that he would be taking time off to be with his wife.

Then on June 21, he formally announced that he would be joining Headspace to “further their mission of improving the health and happiness of the world.”

As reported by TechCrunch, Hoffman shared that he was on a 100-day streak on the app which makes meditation and mindfulness practice as easy as a few minutes a day. Some meditation breaks are even as short as one minute each.

He shared that when he first met Headspace CEO Rich Pierson, they chatted more about work ethos, user stories, and about Hoffman himself.

Ross Hoffman Excited About Moving to Headspace

According to Hoffman, what convinced him to take the job was the challenge to find the balance between keeping with the vision of Headspace to create a culture where mindfulness is a daily habit, but also to keep the revenue going up.

“There’s a cool thing in the office, a map of the world, and different quotes from different users It’s really incredible. I went on Twitter and saw what people are saying about Headspace. 99% of the Tweets are overwhelmingly positive. To have a [net promoter score] of a product that’s that high, I thought it was really special,” he said.

Ross Hoffman also shared that he and Pierson saw eye to eye is that they want to continue to grow Headspace without compromising on its mission.

With more companies seeing the value of putting self-care, meditation, and mindfulness into their office culture, Headspace may have a good opportunity to corner the market despite competition from other apps like Aura Health and Calm, or other companies that also provide wearable meditation headbands that track brain activity for optimal meditation results.

Ross Hoffman will officially begin his new job as Headspace Chief Business Officer at the beginning of July.


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