Making meditation a daily practice just got easier with Simple Habit, an app for Android and iOS that allows users to download and stream guided meditations wherever they are.

According to a feature in Techcrunch, the creators of the app hope to make Simple Habit the go-to platform for mindfulness and meditation, much like Netflix has become the most popular service for watching digital movies and television series.

Yunha Kim, the CEO of Y Combinator, the company behind Simple Habit, said they created the app to help jump start people into starting a meditation practicce and turning it into a daily habit. They made the guided meditations easily accesible in the form of an app so that making meditation a routine wouldn’t require too much extra effort.

The company also revealed plans to launch social functionality into the app so that users can be notified whenever friends are also meditating and use their support to reinforce a new mindfulness habit.

In addition, the company also wanted to make meditation fun by inviting users to take part in online “meditation challenges.” Past challenges included 100 minutes of meditation, or 30 days of meditation for one month. Their current challenge is to help people stick to meditation for their New Year’s resolution with their New Year Challenge.

Kim sees Simple Habit doing for mindfulness meditation what Nike shoes did for running or Lululemon Athletica did for yoga athleisure wear. The app already has a vast collection of five-minute meditations developed an recorded by meditation experts to fit into a busy schedule. Meditation themes include mindfulness, stress-release, better sleep, and concentration.

Simple Habit is available for Android and iOS devices, and also has web access options for subscribers.


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