More yoga teachers and start-up yoga studio owners are turning towards crowdfunding to get their dream classes and spaces out of their heads and into the real world. A student from Suffolk University in New England, USA, wanted to bring her love for yoga and entrepreneurship together by seeking to crowdfund her business idea to bring yoga to everyone.

Sara Maloney, from the Sawyer Business School, decided to put her Buddha Bus Yoga idea to the test by making it her real-world crowdfunding project for a course she was taking. She said her goal is to create a mobile yoga studio that will bring mats, props, a sound system, and of course a certified teacher, to 9-5 places like offices and schools.

“Buddha Bus Yoga is a dream of mine that was born out of my love for teaching yoga and my desire to share it with people who need it: 9-to-5 workers, college students, athletes and others,” she told the Eagle Tribune

According to Maloney’s crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, the Buddha Bus Yoga has two main goals: to help workers, and students alleviate stress through yoga and to foster a sense of community. She shared that she was inspired to become a yoga teacher two years ago and pursue her idea for the bus concept by turning to the words of Buddha:

“Your work is to discover your world, and then, with all of your heart, give yourself to it.”

Maloney’s campaign reached 35 percent of its $80,000 flexible goal. Funds recieved will be used to purchase supplies needed for the mobile classses and for the fees needed to file the necessary paper work to make her business legal.

Buddha Bus Yoga will initially offer mobile yoga classes in New England but Maloney hopes to expand to other areas of Boston, Massachusetts.


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