Meditation taking root in Tasmania. [Image: Brewbooks | Flickr]

Meet some of the people who are hoping to promote Tasmania as Australia’s new Meditation State by creating a meditation trail from meditation centre to centre, that also maximizes Tasmania’s beautiful landscapes.

Stephanie Legg England has recently launched the Hillwood Road Meditation Skills Centre in northeast Tasmania. Her journey into meditation began when her husband found out he had terminal cancer. He died when their daughters were still very young. Their younger daughter lives with a chromosome disorder which expresses as several disabilities, including intellectual disability. The older daughter has had her share of medical problems including a brain malformation for which she had to undergo surgery, as well as an anxiety disorder. Through all these hardships, it was meditation which empowered England to live her life bravely and support her family.

“My meditation was fabulous for keeping me going – to raise my spirits every day, to give me new ideas for how to cope and to just give me some hope that maybe my life was going somewhere,” she said in an interview with The Examiner.

England’s journey into meditation has led her to northeast Tasmania, where she launched her meditation centre on February 8.

Megan Townsend, a holistic therapist who works at The Quite Cone in Latrobe, has remarked on how Tasmania is an ideal locale to become Australia’s Meditation State.

“We really have the perfect environment – fresh air and beautiful scenery, that creates that state of relaxation,” she said.

She further notes that Tasmania is well-poised to become the Meditation State thanks to an increase in the awareness and understanding of the benefits of meditation.

“There are so many studies coming out now proving the benefits to cognitive awareness, preventing dementia and a number of other things. There was always a community of people into holistic therapies in Tasmania, but you had to know where to find it. It has become much more accepted in the last few years.”

The Quiet Cone offers sound relaxation therapy as well as various natural and scientific therapies.

Ben Boyle is the CEO of Tranquil Point Retreat in Huon Valley on the waters of Deep Bay, just outside the township of Cygnet. He also supports the idea of promoting Tasmania as the Meditation State.

“Tranquil Point retreats offer the opportunity to get back to nature through yoga and meditation. Tasmania, with the cleanest air in the world, first-class produce, natural beauty and laid back lifestyle can definitely be known as the ‘meditation state’. A meditation trail is a fantastic idea and it would attract many mainland visitors looking for a break and looking to escape the madness of their everyday life,” said Boyle.

Tasmania was the founding place of the first environmental party in the world, with 42 percent of its geography in reserves, natural parks and World Heritage Sites. In the Tasmanian Population Health Survey 2013, 88.6 percent of respondents said that their psychological distress levels were “Not High” and 40.9 percent of Tasmanians assessed their health as “Excellent/Very Good”.

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