Moment Meditation

Mindfulness is a movement that has been gaining steam. From young school children to university students to law enforcement officers and government officials, it seems that everyone wants their people to improve in their meditation practice, and thus increase their mindfulness. Documented health benefits of increased mindfulness include improvement in concentration and attention, decreased anxiety, improved willpower against addiction, lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system.

But how can we know just how mindful we are? Are we meditating “right”? Moment Meditation has the precise solution to these questions. Attached to state-of-the-art technology, you can undergo a psycho-physiological assessment that will result in your mindfulness quotient, or MQ. Your MQ is a measurement of four characteristics:

  • Resilience – your ability to control alarm in the body, and then dissipate stress once the stessors are gone
  • Alertness – your ability to be mentally awake and present
  • Control – your ability to manage your body; specifically, muscular tension,  breath rate, and heart rate, as a means of composure and physical recovery
  • Flexibility – your ability to ignore distractions and focus on what matters

Before the assessment can begin, the probes need to be attached. Two probes go onto your fingers to measure microsweat, temperature, and heart rate. An electrode at the top of the head measures brain electrical activity, while a band around the stomach and a shoulder sensor measure breathing and muscle tension.

Once you’re fully hooked up, the test can begin. It involves periods of relaxation, alternating with periods of induced stress. For example, math problems are projected on-screen and you’ll be required to orally recite the answers.

One participant found this part of the test, especially the tester, particularly jarring.

“‘Faster, do this as fast as you can,’ my tester urged, her intensity a stark contrast to the zen atmosphere of the Moment Meditation studio. ‘You’re going to have to go faster than this.'”

Moment Meditation was co-founded by Anita Cheung and launched in October 2016 in Vancouver, BC, in Canada. The studio offers a wide range of classes, including an online beginner’s course, and meditation teacher training, as well as the MQ assessment.

“One of our prime goals is to make meditation modern, simple, and accessible,” said Cheung.


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