Yoga pants that improve blood circulation

Although trendy, yoga pants have been getting a bad rep for being ideal breeding grounds for skin bacteria, polluting the oceans, and even being too tight that they may cause blood circulation problems if worn to long. But these Cotton USA yoga pants were designed to improve circulation whenever they are worn.

Developed by Cotton Council International (CCI) and Hologenix, the yoga pants and shirts debuted and the Première Vision show in Paris this year. The yoga apparel were designed to aid in faster recovery times after physical activity by increasing blood flow and tissue oxygenation back to the muscles. It features FDA-determined Celliant—a patented fiber technology that also uses minerals to absorb and redirect body heat during physical activity when worn.

In a report by Sourcing Journal, Trenton Horinek of Celliant explained that the technology involves converting body heat to infrared energy.

“Our product is embedded with minerals that absorb your body heat, converting it into infrared energy, which is extremely useful for the human body. The biggest benefit is creating blood flow, and we’re now an FDA-determined medical device so you can say on your packaging your product increases blood flow and energy, boosts performance and speeds muscle recovery,” he said.

The Cotton USA label may be used on products that combine more than 50 percent U.S. cotton with the Celliant technology.

“We know consumers want more from their everyday performance wear, and combining U.S. cotton with technology such as Celliant will elevate everything from yoga pants to your favorite shirt,” said Cotton USA spokesperson Jenn Sarter.


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