Many people think pre-teens are more preoccupied by fitting in at school, dealing with puberty, or even just hanging out with friends. But this 11-year old proved that kids her age can have the focus, strength, and determination to become yoga teachers when they set their mind to it.

Aderyn McLean from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada completed a tough yoga teacher training program and became possible the youngest certified yoga teacher in Canada.

According to a feature about her in the Yoga Calm blog, Aderyn was already training in gymnastics when she expressed interest in joining yoga teacher training with her mother, Kelly McLean.

Years prior, Kelly was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune form of arthrytis. Upon the advice of her doctor, she took up yoga. The practice helped her so much that she decided to undergo teacher training certification.

At this time, Aderyn was only eight years old but she persisted in hounding her mom about going the Yoga Calm’s summer intensive in 2014.

To prove she was sincere, Aderyn diligently read Yoga Calm for Kids which the teacher trainers at Yoga Calm requested her to read. After another empassioined email from Kelly explaining to them that Aderyn had already been helping to teach yoga classes and had her heart set on attending the training courses, they said that they could not possibly say no.

But by no means did they make it easy for Aderyn just because of her young age. Acording to a report in The Colombian, co-founder, Jim Gillen, assigned her the same amount of work required of any of their teacher training graduates. Including hundreds of pages of reading and case studies which the mother and daughter McLean’s worked on together, and logging in required hours as an instructor.

Aderyn completed her required teaching hours by holding classes for younger kids at her school during recess, teaching them how to stretch and breathe.

By the end of fourth grade, Aderyn earned her yoga teacher certification and has been co-teaching yoga classes with her mother ever since.

According to Yoga Calm and others who have taken her classes, her youth helps to inject a sanse of whimsy and fantasy in to her guided meditations, especially during Savasana.

The pair have taught various classes in Canada as well as in Washington and Oregon in the US. They currently teach regularly at Vancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy.


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