African Yoga mat Bags made in Zambia. [Image: Carolyn McPherson]

Traveling yoga teacher, Carolyn McPherson, is a former dancer who gets inspiration from every country she visits. Currently in Zambia, she decided to share her love for both Africa and yoga by designing handmade yoga mat bags produced by local women. Each bag is unique, made from handpicked fabric adorned with traditional African prints.

McPherson choose the Chitenge fabric herself at a small shop in Livingstone, Zambia. Inspired by the bright colors and designs, she decided to turn the well-known fabric into yoga mat bags. According to Mcpherson, similar patterns are used all over the continent and the fabric is mainly used to create garments for special occasions like going to church.

It didn’t take her long to find three special women running their own small shop as seamtresses in the market. She approached them with her fabric and her own yoga bag as a sample to base her design on. She said that the women were so efficient that the very next day they already had a sample produced for her.

As each bag is handmade, and fabric designs will always change, all of the African yoga mat bags will be slightly different but all distinctly African.

Carolyn McPherson
African yoga mat bags made from Chitenge fabric in Livingston, Zambia.

McPherson is excited to not only offer these bags for sale to wholesale and bulk distributors soon but to also help the three women who have become her friends and their small business with these yoga mat bags.

Currently, McPherson is producing four yoga mat bag designs and she has already submitted for sampling four more unique designs.

She shared that the sale of the bags will not only support her as a traveling yoga teacher in Africa, but also be a valuable source of regular income for these three women who are supporting their families fromtheir little seamstress shop.

For orders of at least 10-20 yoga mat bags, McPherson is offering a wholesale price of $10 per bag (cost per item may vary depending on order quantity and estination country. Price does not include shipping and handling). For information on becoming a distributor for these unique african yoga mat bags, email Carolyn McPherson at


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