Downward Dog for Dogs

Yoga and animal lovers in Cape Town, South Africa can combine their two passions at a fundraising event for their furry friends. The fourth Downward Dog for Dogs: Reboot event will take place on Aug. 17 and will benefit two local shelters that work to improve the welfare of animals in their care.

The Lucky Lucy Foundation and Change for the Better shelters will be the recipients of all donations raised during the Downward Dog for Dogs: Reboot yoga fundraising event. The event will begin at 9:30am at Century City coffee company Bootleggers on Saturday. Only one all-levels yoga class is scheduled but there will be many other planned activities throughout the day.

According to IOL, the founder of Downward Dog for Dogs, Michelle Jeanne Banwell, came up with the idea to combine her love for both yoga and animals and to create a fun yoga event for others to help too.

She said that many people want to donate time, money, or other goods to worthy causes but often don’t know where to start or cannot commit to a long-term volunteer schedule. So she made a platform that could get people together to help and do yoga too.

“I found that although many people want to help, they often aren’t quite sure how to do so. I’ve frequently heard people asking about where to donate, what type of things they can do, how they can get involved with animal shelters,” she said.

Tickets for Downward Dog with Dogs: Reboot will be on sale on Saturday for R20. The yoga class itself will be free, however Banwell requests for donations that will benefit the two animal shelters. Donations may be monetary, or even in kind with dog food, toys, blankets, bowls, and towels.

Banwell said that animal shelters need to do so much with the volume of animals in their care that any little bit of help collected at Downward Dog for Dogs will go a long way.

The event also has treats for non-yoga enthusiasts. Fresh juice, coffee, brunch, and of course, cuddles from cute puppies will be available all day.


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