YogaRitas turns yoga into whimsy with pigs and tequila. [Image: YogaRitas | Facebook]

Did you just walk into a college fraternity party? There’s booze, the buzz and laughter of wild conversation, and a farmyard animal trotting around in a little tutu and hat—but no, this isn’t some frat kegger, it’s a YogaRita class!

Founded by yoga instructor Sydney Forestal, the YogaRita classes were an idea that came spontaneously to her during class.

“It happened randomly one day when I wanted a margarita during class and I had people chant, ‘When I say yoga you say rita. Yoga-rita, yoga-rita,” she says. “[Soon after] I introduced drinking before, during, and after class into the yoga community…I love that the environment is something that you will not find in your average yoga class. Each one is full of energy and challenges, and you walk away with a memory that’s definitely worth sharing.”

The defining characteristic of YogaRita seems to be “Fun!” while staying true to the spirit of yoga. A writer from Women’s Health shared her experience of the class.

As people set up their mats in the open-air pavilion of El Pinto Restaurant and Cantina in Albuquerque, New Mexico, servers poured tequila and eponymous margaritas to the mingling yoga students. These drinks stayed with the students all throughout class, with the servers ready to refill at any point.

It wasn’t just the servers weaving in and out of the class. The star of the show was Tequila Barbie, a mini micro pig, festively dressed and quick to perform tricks. Barbie performed on a Bosu ball, and a skateboard, and even unrolled her own yoga mat.

In addition to all this, talking and class interaction was highly encouraged, with props passed out, such as sombreros, cheerleader pom-poms and tambourines, to be incorporated into the different asanas. Medals and trophies were awarded to students after class; a popularly sought award was for taking a sip of your margarita during the Bakasana (Crow Pose), if you’re successful without face-planting into your mat!

The writer stated that despite the fun and games, the class was still a solid workout with challenging balance poses and “a core-blasting section that made her abs beg for mercy.” She wrote that this partially due to her limiting her margarita-intake to one, although she did see others not so abstemious. Their higher level of tipsiness didn’t lend itself well to some of the poses, but did result in some quite hearty laughter—which can be a good workout in itself.

The author also pointed out that an animal presence has added health benefits: decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and feelings of loneliness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is one of the reasons cats have joined human yoga classes, among other animal-friendly yoga trends.


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